Latest Audi Ad Rocks Guitars and Bunnies

What is Audi trying to say in this visually impressive music-video-ish spot? That even though the A1 is its smallest car, it's still packed with all sorts of cool stuff, like great speakers, a state of the art navigation system, powerful air conditioning and … rabbits? Mostly what I got was: "Guitars! Rabbits! Awesome tiny parachutes!" (Are those the same rabbits that Kate Moss squeezed out a few weeks back?) The spot was created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, and directed by Sam Brown. You may recognize Brown's deeply stylized work from the video for Jay-Z's "On to the Next One." I can practically hear him yelling at the production staff: "Turn on the wind machine, release the birds and pour milk on the speakers! We've got a contract with Audi!" As someone who enjoys music videos more than cars, I applaud the lack of closed-course driving gymnastics in favor of pretty visuals. Learning important information about the product is for websites.