At last, zombie chickens get their revenge

PoultrygeistJust when you thought horror movies had absolutely plumbed
the depths of zombie apocalypse justifications, along comes Troma toas usual — contribute an
utterly implausible gorefest with a great soundtrack. This time it’s Poultrygeist:
Night of the Chicken Dead
; here’s
the trailer
, but don’t watch it during dinner, work or any activity where
you need to think really hard. The title track is provided by Calamari Safari,
and the soundtrack is rounded out with some pretty good underground bands,
including Zombina and the Skeletones, the Dwarves, and the Peacocks. Sadly,
they’re not screening it anywhere close to Baltimore, so I can’t see it for
myself, but I can imagine it being like Shaun of the Dead minus the wit,
and plus a few Colonel Sanders jokes.

—Posted by David Kiefaber