Las Vegas dreams up another bogus holiday

R&R Partners attempts to evolve its faux-holiday-themed campaign for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority with this spot about "Jolly Roger Day," another excuse to ditch boring work commitments and head to Vegas. Roger's pirates are jolly, all right, singing and dancing on deck while the ship goes down. All of which begs a question: Where are the chinchillas?! The client's fake-holiday direction began last year with a pair of sublimely silly, superbly stupid "Chinchilli Day" spots with psychotic, cartoonishly violent critters as the star. Those ads succeeded because they were over-the-top ridiculous and impossible to ignore. Musical pirates, unless they're from Penzance … meh. Now, if bloodthirsty chinchillas had sunk the ship, we'd have a winner. Instead, the British Navy does the pirates in. And Brits are clearly not bloodthirsty rodents. Except for Gordon Brown.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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