Las Vegas ads now just all sex and violence

In general, I dislike ads that employ faux-newscast scenarios, because they invariably trivialize a difficult and demanding profession. It's tough to pronounce people's names correctly on camera and not trip over the microphone cord while doing so. (Maria Bartiromo typically ends up flat on her face whenever she tries to say "Bernanke.") R&R Partners' latest tourism spot for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, however, scores by giving viewers what we've always wanted to see but know we never will: a hot on-camera babe peeling off her jacket to reveal a bikini beneath and party attitude to match. OK, we'll probably see it someday soon on Fox News or CNBC, but not on any reputable network. There's also a new "Shin Whack" ad (below). It shows middle-aged male doctors who thankfully keep their scrubs on, because I don't wanna know what they're wearing underneath. Lots of people have probably been "whacked" in Vegas through the years, what with the whole gangland element.

—Posted by David Gianatasio