LAPD Warns Residents About Car Break-Ins by Zombies in New PSA

You never know

Sure, they're homicidal, but do zombies also make good petty criminals? Apparently they do, swarming the Los Angeles suburbs and snatching anything not nailed down from careless residents' vehicles.

That's according to this intentionally cheesy video from one of the Los Angeles Police Department's San Fernando Valley divisions. Cops, many of them doing double duty as makeup artists, directors, writers and actors, created the seven-minute PSA to tell people to lock their cars and hide their valuables. There are some 400 vehicle break-ins a week in the area, a number that usually jumps during the holidays. What better way to capture attention than using zombies to prove the point?

Capt. Jeffrey Bert described the video to the L.A. Times as an attempt to coattail The Walking Dead in a "G-rated comic style." The undead thieves, for instance, drink 40-ouncers out of brown paper bags and shed their limbs at crime scenes. Talk about being caught red handed. The good guys don't even have to drop their donuts or use their department-issued chain saws to solve these cases.