Lady Gaga Drenches FarmVille in Love, Acceptance, Sparkly Stuff

We told you Lady Gaga was coming to FarmVille. Now, Zynga has released a 2:20 trailer for the Gaga integration, titled "Paws Up. Hoedown." It's actually quite subtle and brilliant, and if it weren't about a game called FarmVille, you might mistake it for an accurate social allegory. No joke. Like other live-action trailers before it, it tells you less about what you'll experience in the game and more about the imaginary world behind it. In this case, it's a world where a gaggle of rural heartlanders in middle America are charmed and awed by Gaga's savior-like sparkle power. She tames unicorns, makes fallow fields shine, and releases the inner diva of every farmer she touches. The spot was created by Evolution Bureau, which between this and Wrigley's Serenading Unicorn have surely cornered the market on unicorn-related advertising.