Ladies first is new policy in Super Bowl ads


This year's Super Bowl ads will break from tradition in a few subtle but important ways. First off, the Black Eyed Peas will perform at halftime, instead of a classic rock band chosen at random from the Rock 'N Roll Nursing Home. Second, more women will be involved in the commercial pageantry. Kim Kardashian will make light of what a horrible person she is for Skechers, while Faith Hill will star in a new spot from Teleflora—a significantly younger and more feminine presence than Don Rickles, who has voiced Teleflora's talking flowers in past ads. Plus, of course, there are the ever-present GoDaddy girls and some other big names to be revealed later. All told, female celebs will apparently outnumber their male counterparts this year, which is being hailed as a laudable social achievement when it's really not. Literally all of television is about sexy people with money, so giving us more of the same isn't much of a rebellion. If they really want to buck the status quo, give Susan Boyle the halftime show and let Betty White do guest commentary.