L.A. Times readers livid at full-front-page ad


If the Los Angeles Times thought it was a good idea to pass off a grisly Law & Order: Los Angeles advertisement as the front page of its newspaper on Wednesday, they were the only ones. Reader e-mails and phone calls were nearly unanimous in their distaste for the ad's placement, prompting a response from the Times that will probably just piss them off even further. The paper's vp for communications, Nancy Sullivan, claimed that "this is an exciting, innovative ad that takes the show's beloved, 20-year 'ripped from the headlines' concept and puts it front and center for Southern California." Uh, no. While we all appreciate the weak spin, back on planet Earth this came off as a grasping commercial decision made in poor taste at the cost of some of their already-dwindling readership. Just because the show rips off current headlines doesn't mean it should replace them. Unfortunately, this is just the latest in a string of ads disguised as editorial in the Times.