L.L. Bean Created a Fully-Functional Outdoor Office and Is Taking It On Tour Around the US

Get some air while you work

L.L. Bean

If you could work outside on a sunny day instead of being cooped up inside the office, you probably would.

A new campaign from L.L. Bean and agency Jack Morton is hoping to mitigate the indignities of modern professional life—and promote an outdoorsy lifestyle—by providing an open air office space in select cities this summer.

The retailer teamed up with co-working company Industrious to create the pop up office—which features cycling desks, individual and collaborative workspace, and naturally, both power and WiFi. It launches Thursday, June 21, in New York City’s Madison Square Park, and will be open to the public from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (It’s also adjacent to the original Shake Shack—in case you want a nice heavy meal to counteract the feeling of general health that’s sure to come from being productive and collecting rays at the same time.)

After that, it’ll head to Boston from July 10-12, Philadelphia from July 17-19, and Madison, Wisconsin from July 24-26.

L.L. Bean is supporting the campaign with research showing United States workers age 22-65 spend about 95 percent of their time indoors, half of it related to work. 87 percent consider themselves someone who enjoys being outdoors and 86 percent said they would like to spend more time outside during the workday, citing factors including that it might improve their mood and lower their stress level.

While the company’s survey also found that workers are more likely to do creative work, brainstorms, or one-on-one discussions outdoors, rather than computer based work, it doesn’t take a statistician to figure out that even if you do have to grind away like a hamster at a digital wheel, you’ll probably be happier getting some fresh air while you do it.

Then again, depending on the climate, you might be better off with air conditioning.

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