Nike Is Giving Away Kyrie Irving’s New Sneaker Boxed Up Like Krispy Kremes

He always had a sweet game

Kyrie Irving has an arsenal of secret tricks that make him great at basketball, but his latest reveal may be his most surprising edge yet—his own personal donut. 

In a new R/GA ad from Nike's Kyrie 2 sneaker, the Cleveland Cavaliers point guard promotes a special-edition design of a Krispy Kreme-themed shoe—the Ky-Rispy Kreme. 

A traveling truck, meanwhile, has been distributing small numbers of the glaze-and-sprinkle-themed shoes in Cleveland, Baltimore, Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The commercial, which is part of R/GA's "Unexpected Moves" campaign for Nike, joins other spots featuring Irving's hard-to-explain wordplay-driven advantages, like an arcane math equation, the ability to turn into a human torch (which anyone who grew up playing NBA Jam will especially appreciate), or unique karaoke powers—certainly one of the best fake mid-game celebrations ever.

In this particular instance, it's great to watch Irving stuff his face with sugar-laden rings while trying to explain why they—or rather, their rubber-soled offspring—are so important.

A string of onscreen question marks, marking an inability to translate his donut-muffled praise, makes for a brilliant sneaker-head sales pitch … because in the end, the performance doesn't really matter so long as they look good, and they do.


Client: Nike

Campaign: Kyrie 2 "Unexpected Moves"

Spot: "Unexpected Move #79 – The Kyrispy Kreme"

Agency: R/GA

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.