Kraft's Jell-O Pudding Turning Frowns Upside Down on Twitter

I figured Kraft's Jell-O Pudding and ad agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky were content traumatizing the masses with their unsettling "Pudding Face" commercials. I was wrong. They're also monitoring Twitter for smiley-face and frowny-face emoticons to gauge "the mood of the country" in real time. "Any time it starts to dip, we quickly deploy free pudding to the frowners via Twitter to bring our collective mood right back up again," the client explains. "And before you know it, all of America is sporting a great big Pudding Face." Big dreams, Jell-O Pudding, big dreams indeed. Whenever the national average of smiley faces dips below 51 percent, the client gives coupons at random to Twitter frowners who respond by typing 😀 (which Jell-O hopes to establish as the universal symbol for "pudding face"). Check out the Jell-O Pudding Face Mood Meter, with smiley tweets on one side, frowny tweets on the other and some doofus's face in between. Smiling or frowning, he appears to have lockjaw. The whole concept feels awfully 2009 to me. They should monitor Google+, which, since you asked, I didn't get invited to join. 🙁 Via The Denver Egotist.