Kraft uses ‘Unbelievable’ unbelievably

Admittedly, it does not hit as close to heart as the bastardization of Devo’s “Whip It” used in the name of Swiffer, but we Gen Xers have another song to mourn: EMF’s "Unbelievable," frighteningly re-written for Kraft Cheese Crumbles. Work like this takes songs some of us remember from when we were single, broke and idealistic, ruins the songs, and points out that many of us now live in the suburbs, sold out to corporate America, and buy Swiffers and Kraft Cheese Crumbles. The San Francisco bureau of AdFreak is not the only horrified one: Says Amanda Watson-Boles on Slate: "I mean my God, Kraft just ruined one of my favorite anthems from high school, ‘Unbelievable’ by EMF, making the word ‘Crumbelievable’ to advertise a new type of crumbling cheese. Does Kraft’s CEO know what EMF stands for?" Another comment, found on “OK, so I I’m watching this commercial for Kraft Cheese Crumbles where they ripped off the ‘Unbelievable’ song by EMF and changed the chorus to ‘They’re CRUMBelieveable,’ and basically altered the entire song so it applies to synthetic wads of cheese. Advertising is so bizarre and evil.”

—Posted by Celeste Ward

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