Kodak viral makes you feel like a superhero


Let’s face it, agencies develop calling cards. Crispin loves the hidden camera. Barbarian still gets asked for another Subservient Chicken. EVB is no different. It gained deserved kudos for "Elf Yourself," the runaway viral hit for OfficeMax, created with Toy New York. EVB has done some cool work for brands like Adidas and Levi’s, but inevitably some clients want their own elf. Kodak now has its own. The concept of "Make Me Super" is pretty similar to "Elf Yourself." You upload your picture (or a friend’s) onto an animated character, then send along the ensuing video. (Here’s mine.) I have to say, even though EVB’s been to this well before, "Make Me Super" is pretty catchy and fun. Visitors can buy their superheroes emblazoned on mugs, mousepads and other paraphernalia. It would be cool to be able to upload one’s own superhero clip to Facebook, or use friends’ profile photos there to create one.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey