The knives come out for U.K. Joker buttons

Joker-knives copy

The swift action the British take in banning offensive ads also carries over to advertising merch. Last week, Dark Knight buttons featuring pictures of the Joker surrounded by knives were removed from HMV while the store "conducts an inquiry" into the mild public outcry. The Daily Mail makes it sound like this glorification of knife crime will result in mass outbreaks of youth violence and, yes, terrorism. You've gotta love how the British can make a mountain out of a molehill. Last month, British store T.K. Maxx (is that like T.J. Maxx?) sparked similar outrage by selling a jacket with a two-inch pocket knife attached. To be fair, England does have an impressive number of youth knifings, which contribute to its heightened sensitivity on the matter. Back across the pond, where violence is fine for any age but sex is eternally obscene, the whole thing seems like a major overreaction. In fact, if you're a U.S. citizen and you won't let your kid have any overtly violent Joker merch, you should know that all the other kids think that's totally gay.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers