Kmart Says It's Totally Fine If You Want to Ship Your Pants Right There

Men, women, children, old people, whoever

Juvenile humor reigns supreme in this new Kmart commercial from Draftfcb, featuring store workers encouraging stunned shoppers to not be shy and just go ahead and "ship your pants." The shoppers take full advantage, too. Other folks later in the spot even ship their drawers and their nighties, and one old dude even gleefully ships the bed. (The point is, Kmart is offering free shipping of anything from if people can't find it at the physical store.) I'm not sure I'd sign off on a commercial that's basically 30 seconds of people punning about shit, but it's sure worth a chuckle. Props, too, for going all out and including the #shipmypants hashtag. Hat tip to @arrrzzz.