Kit Kat Breaks, Melts, Paints Candy Bars Into Lovely Posters

Series uses the last 50 white-chocolate Kit Kats

Over in Australia, Kit Kat decided to commemorate its limited-edition white-chocolate Kit Kats by taking the last 50 and getting illustrator Mike Watt to melt them down and create 50 original illustrations from them. After crushing and melting the things, he painted the resulting goo on canvas and used a knife to scrape away the sections he didn't want, leaving behind a white-chocolate relief. They're really quite beautiful. Kit Kats never look that good crushed and melted in the bottom of my purse. The illustrator characterizes the project as preserving a piece of the brand's history. I dunno if I'd go that far. Eventually that brittle layer of chocolate on each canvas is going to break apart. View all the posters in this Facebook gallery.