The King gets less gentle with dudes in bed

So, Burger King, possibly as a response to people calling their mascot creepy, now have him ambushing strangers in their beds in the middle of the night, as ominous horror-movie music plays. Look, we understand BK is open late now, but air-horning us back into consciousness is a dick move. What if we'd gotten a Whopper earlier that afternoon or something? The King has certainly turned into a real tosser since those days when he lovingly served us breakfast in bed. BK ads have established a pattern lately wherein the consumer is inconvenienced or assaulted by something representing the product, and aside from a cheap laugh or two, we're not sure what they've gotten from it. Perhaps it will all eventually culminate in Ashton Kutcher getting kicked in the balls by a giant BK Stacker. That would redeem all of their efforts up to now.

—Posted by David Kiefaber