King of All Pimps will gladly take questions

The Eliot Spitzer affair is bringing every self-promoting bit player out of the woodwork. This week, Hampton/NYC Public Relations issued a press release with a headline that read (complete with typo): “KING OF ALL PIMPS AND FORMER SPITZER CALL GIR’S BOSS TO SPEAK…….” The release goes onto to say that Jason Itzler (shown here), the aforementioned “king of all pimps” who once headed up the New York Confidential Escort Service (and who “served jail time,” the release adds gleefully), would be taking interviews to talk about Ashley Youmans, aka Ashley Alexandra Dupré, aka “Kristen,” the prostitute at the center of the Spitzer debacle. Itzler, according to the release, “first introduced Spitzer’s to the life of being a high-priced hooker.” We’ll assume they meant “Spitzer’s girl” and not that Eliot once serviced himself out. In a final flourish, Hampton/NYC dated the advisory February 21. Maybe they planned the whole thing!

—Posted by Shahnaz Mahmud