Kindle’s ice queen makes iPad seem likable


Lord knows the Apple iPad has plenty of weak spots competitors could target—no USB, no widescreen, no Flash, no John Hodgman ads, etc. But in the ad below, Amazon focuses on a pretty specific shortcoming: that the iPad isn't a great poolside e-book reader on a sunny day. (On the upside, it can help frumpy guys start conversations with women out of their league. But we all knew that.) As expected, the ad has provoked a flamewar between Apple geeks and Kindle fanatics in the YouTube comments, with the occasional luddite suggesting that a used paperback is still the wisest investment when water and potential thieves are nearby. Apple fans point out one flaw: that the ad tacitly highlights the fact that you can't read a Kindle in the dark. But the bigger problem is that the spot is simply unlikable. In a polar opposite to the "Mac vs. PC" spots, Apple here comes off as the genial everyman, while the Kindle is represented by a snooty ice queen who brags about her frugality and flaunts her wasteful consumerism. I can't say it makes me want an iPad, but it sure doesn't leave me wanting to be seen with a Kindle. Via Engadget.