Kim Kardashian Clone Cutesies Up Old Navy

Old Navy

This Old Navy commercial is great. I honestly, truly like it. It's called "Super C-U-T-E." And that's exactly what it is: cute! See how they spelled "cute" with caps and dashes? That's awesome. Bravo! The Kim Kardashian clone in the spot, Melissa Molinaro, is super-duper cute, and her full-throttle, high-steppin' hijinks are fabulous. She's not annoying like those faux-hipster twentysomethings in that Kindle spot. Perish the thought! And dig that brand-boosting, happy-poppy Old Navy dance music. I like that, too. This may be the best commercial I've watched all year. (And 1.6 million people on YouTube seem to agree with me.) It makes me want to shop at Old Navy. Let me stress: I am not being held in the sub-basement of Old Navy, surrounded by cobweb-covered supermodelquins, forced to write a rave review. No need to alert law enforcement to get me out of here before my captors pistol-whip me again with their pricing guns.