Killer marketing in terrifying toilets of Japan


In America, public restrooms can be creepy, either because of the condition or the company. But in Japan, going to the bathroom seems to be one step short of sleeping naked in a graveyard. Looking to tap this fear with a cute marketing twist is Ring author Koji Suzuki, whose new bathroom-based horror novella Drop is being printed on rolls of toilet paper. Billed as "a horror experience in the toilet," the story takes up only about three feet of paper. You may need the rest of the roll to write a desperate plea for help, because Japanese bathrooms are apparently scary places to hang out. First, there's Hanako-San, the ghost of a schoolgirl who has scared kids to the point where some would rather pee in class than risk a restroom run-in. Then there's Kashima Reiko, a bisected ghost who wanders school bathrooms saying, "Where are my legs?" But my favorite is this note from the Suzuki article: "Parents would tease children that a hairy hand might pull them down into the dark pool below." That's some scary shit.

—Posted by David Griner