Kids Swear Their Faces Off in This Uncomfortably Hilarious Ad for Smart Cars

What are you teaching your children?

Next up in our Kids Behaving Inappropriately series, BBDO Berlin got a bunch of children to yell extremely dirty words to make a point about Smart cars, and how they can lead to a more calm, lighthearted temperament.

My favorite is the little guy in the suit. Angry, angry young man.

Smart cars look a lot like artisanal jelly beans, but that is by design—Mercedes-Benz design, as it turns out. The video goes on to show off the car's maneuverability and convenient parking size, although the street was oddly free of traffic hazards in what was supposed to be a stressful urban environment.

Where was the random car sitting in the middle of the lane with his hazards on? The pedestrians running into traffic without looking? The 1,000-person family all using the crosswalk one at a time? C'mon guys, give those kids something to really swear about!

Actually, don't. That's more their parents' job, anyway. David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.