Kids still getting shafted in BBH’s Ally spots

Kids get hosed all over again in Ally Bank's latest spots from BBH. In the one below, a smarmy banker (not from Ally) claims an "egg-management fee" gives him the right to steal plastic eggs from a shaggy moppet during a game. Junior won't get far in our egg-hording, capitalist society with that hippy attitude. Get a haircut! A second spot (posted after the jump) is creepier, and perhaps more effective, with the banker brandishing a look-alike talking banker-doll whose automated voicemail spiel frustrates a little girl who wants to play in a roomful of toys. "He's in control," the banker explains. She should start bawling her eyes out and screaming bloody murder. Johnny MBA in the suit would back down fast. Though come to think of it, when I tried that at my local branch, I just got escorted out by security. I didn't even get a lollipop!

—Posted by David Gianatasio