Kids React to Their First Bites of Bitter Dark Chocolate in This Priceless Israeli Ad

A sweet you can keep for yourself

Dark chocolate? Yuck.

That's the verdict of the kids who try the confection for the first time in this exceptionally cute, straightforward and effective Israeli spot for Strauss Group's Splendid brand.

The youngsters' reactions are priceless. Heck, the moppet's eye-roll at the 20-second mark almost made my head explode.

BBR Saatchi & Saatchi created the ad. "Most Israeli moms actually keep a full drawer stocked with goodies, which by the end of the week is bound to need serous refurbishing," says agency rep Eva Hasson. "But curiously, often enough, the only pack left half eaten in the drawer is the dark chocolate. This got us thinking, and we realized Splendid chocolate—being as dark and bitter a chocolate as you can get—probably lacked the sweetness kids were after."

While the grown-up treat may offend immature palates, we're assured at the spot's conclusion that the candy will sweeten adult dispositions. (The effect on adult waistlines, however, may not be to everyone's taste.)

"We filmed quite a few kids," Hasson says, "but, to be honest, none of the kids really liked it. Most of them begged us to stop and one even cried."

The results may not be scientific—on repeat viewing, the reactions could easily look put-on. Nonetheless, BBR has excelled at whipping up spots that depend on facial responses as key components. Its work for Super-Pharm's Wet Brush, with school-age girls guessing if mom or dad is brushing their hair, exudes pouty cuteness. And a poignant film for that client's razor blades—gauging the reactions of family and friends to a 44-year-old man who shaves off his thick beard after 14 years—makes a bald-faced emotional appeal.

Of course, another office in the Saatchi network is well known for delivering its own prize-winning display of artistic expression—right into a pair of Pampers.


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