Kids Outsmart Smokers in Crafty Guerrilla Stunt

Ogilvy Thailand uses children to expose adults' hypocrisy

It’s being praised as one of the most effective anti-smoking ads ever, which is especially impressive considering it required little more than a few pieces of paper and two kids. Ogilvy Thailand's video stunt for the Thai Health Promotion Board racked up more than 960,000 views before being removed from YouTube for some reason. It has since been reposted, with some of the duplicates continuing to gather audiences by the hundred thousand. The video recounts a guerrilla effort in which young children went up to adult smokers and asked them for a light. Every adult approached reprimanded the children for smoking, citing health reasons and other harmful effects. At that point, the children handed each adult a note that said, “You worry about me, but why not worry about yourself?” It also directed them to a hotline to help quit smoking. According to the video case study, most of the adults approached threw away their cigarettes and none of them discarded the brochure. In fact, the foundation reported a 40 percent increase in calls to the hotline.