Kids can’t resist the fried blobs of chicken

Normally I don’t like cutesy kids in ads. Nor am I that fond of chicken (unless it’s Moby’s ’70s psycho-pimp chicken—that bird’s battered ‘n fried, dig?). All that said, Arnold’s "Dinnertime Montage" spot for Tyson chicken nuggets is fairly cute and inoffensive. And we’ll assume it doesn’t make any actionable claims like some past ads for the brand. The goal of the new work: to portray Tyson nuggets as the kind of food kids will clean from their plates—by eating it, rather than disposing of it in the ways shown in the spot. The kids are cute but not too cute, and some of their guilty "Who, me?" looks are priceless. That last shot bugs me, though. Can’t they learn not to eat with their hands? If you allow that kind of behavior, soon they’ll start smoking and be ready for Arnold’s "Truth" campaign. That psycho chicken would straighten them out. And obviously I don’t have any kids of my own. They’d smear their greasy Tyson thumbprints all over my new upholstery! Brats.

—Posted by David Gianatasio