Kiddie Supergroup Lights Up the Internet for British Baby Food

More innocent version of 'Come On Eileen'

Oh look, babies. Hey Internet, have you seen these babies? They're playing instruments. Not really playing them. Just kind of holding them and banging on them. Aren't they cute, though? Look at those cute babies, doing something. Oh look, someone dubbed music over the babies banging on instruments, so it looks like the babies are playing a song. Ha ha. Oh hey, isn't that the music from "Come On Eileen," by Dexys Midnight Runners? That 1982 hit about a guy trying to talk a young woman into taking off her dress? Maybe that's why the babies aren't singing the words, too. Or maybe it's because babies can't sing. Then again, babies can't play instruments either. What's this ad about again? Oh yeah, maybe you should buy Cow & Gate baby food and feed it to your baby, so your baby will be cute too, and star in ads about babies pretending to play instruments to sell baby food. Agency: BETC London.