Kia sells its Soul for Xbox Live sweepstakes

Kia Soul (yes, the car for the hippest of hamsters) has signed up for an Xbox promotion. The national sweepstakes on Xbox Live has a grand prize of a new Soul and a VIP, all-expenses-paid trip to Los Angeles to attend E3 2009 on June 2. (There's also a trove of little prizes, like a home-entertainment system with a 47-inch HDTV, an Xbox 360 Elite console, a year of Xbox Live Gold, and … a Zune.) The Hyundai-owned agency Innocean Worldwide brokered the arrangement with Microsoft, and apparently failed to tell Kia that Zunes are lame (though I'd never look a gift 120-gigabyte Zune in the mouth). What's more interesting is how you enter the promotion. It's one of Xbox Live's downloadable contest entries where you register your gamertag. Xbox Live sweepstakes are cool and all, but the potential to associate your brand with extra game-related content while giving prizes is way cooler. Right now, Lunchables is letting you customize your Rock Band avatar and your Banjo-Kazooie vehicle. So, Kia, where's my downloadable level where I get to drive the Soul through a battlefield cheekily named "Don't Lose Your Soul in the Gears of War"?

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers