Kia Creates World's First Stop-Motion Ads on Fingernails

Everyone loves a "world's first," but it's gotten to the point where you have to go pretty far out there to accomplish it. As part of the marketing for its new Picanto, the latest version of its smallest model, Kia came up with the world's first nail-art stop-motion animation film. That's right, it put together a micro-nail animation that celebrates the micro features of the car—with 1,200 bottles of nail polish, two hours of painting per nail, and 25 days and nights to complete all the work. Interesting and also weirdly Kia in its quirkiness, the little animation is sure to hit with the target market of city-dwelling ladies who like cute, zippy cars in candy colors. I hope the vehicle comes with a set of preprinted press-ons—otherwise, opportunity missed.