K&G clothes protect you from serious injury


They say the clothes make the man, or woman. Mullen's first work for K&G asserts that cool threads also make ordinary folks "invincible." In one spot, a guy feels confident enough in his new suit to rescue animals from a burning building, take down a nunchucks-wielding martial artist and ride a pogo-stick into traffic … blindfolded. Another ad opens with a suburban mommy type smashing through a second-story window to start her walk around the block, which includes catching an arrow shot by an archery-loving neighbor. He shouldn't be practicing in his driveway. Now, wags might overinterpret and say these people aren't so much invincible as stupid. Lighten up, wags! These spots are diverting, goofy alternatives to the category's usual price-driven knockoffs plucked from adland's bargain bins. Whoa, that last sentence was hot. I feel invincible!

—Posted by David Gianatasio