KFC Urges Loser College Grads to Stop Living With Their Parents

Somehow this sells bite-size chicken pieces

There are a lot of different labels now for breaded, deep-fried bits of chicken sold at fast-food joints. They're called popcorn chicken, chicken stars, chicken tenders, meat slurry. But there's really only one name for an adult who moves back in with his folks: loser. Oops, I meant millennial. Comedy Central and KFC have created an online mashup of these two phenomena in a just-launched campaign that will try, via a national sweepstakes, to hype the new Original Recipe Bites—and to root that slacker out of the basement and land him in his own apartment. Fingers crossed, Mom and Dad! To enter the "Growing Up and Getting Out" contest, you need to supply your tales of woe about sharing a bedroom with Grandma or watching your empty-nester parents become swingers. Winners get $12,500 in cash, presumably for rent, and $600 in KFC gift cards to make up for the loss of home-cooked meals. The parents get their sanity back. Digital shorts, with actors supplying the co-habitation hilariousness, support the promotion, which uses the tagline: "If bite-sized chicken can grow up, so can you!" Sure about that?

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