KFC Made Some Very Weird Relaxation Videos to Help You Deal With Life in America Today

Stressed out? Visit the Comfort Zone, and have a Pot Pie

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Remember when Don Draper’s had his epiphany at the meditation retreat?

It inspired him to dream up a famous commercial, but it could easily have led to something like KFC’s “Comfort Zone,” a hallucinogenic new campaign by Wieden + Kennedy that suggests—by playing around with the tropes of meditation—that KFC’s Pot Pie is just the thing to chill you the fuck out in this time of global anxiety and chaos.

There are six videos in all. The first, clocking in at an impressive nine minutes long, introduces the Comfort Zone with some trippy images indeed—among them, a spaced-out view from inside the Pot Pie, and a vision of a person with sporks for fingers.

Lie down and prepare to be relaxed and/or even more freaked out:

Five other videos focus on different aspects of personal meditation, mindfulness and affirmation. All of them feature a soothing voiceover and a recurring image of a rotating KFC Pot Pie, which is pretty mesmerizing. The videos are designed to “take listeners on a journey of comfort as they drift in a warm and peaceful sea of steam, floating amidst tender chicken and veggies, enveloped by a golden, flaky crust,” says the agency.

Check out the other videos here:

The appropriation of meditation techniques for consumerist ends is very Draper-esque—Don’s spiritual awakening in Mad Men, of course, being little more than his discovering a new way into a better advertising pitch.

For its part, KFC, egged on by W+K, is seemingly willing to try any pitch at all—be it romance novels, or animatronic drive-through talking robot heads, or shooting chicken sandwiches into space. If the new videos actually relax anyone, that will be a nice added bonus for what’s obviously just another PR stunt.

If the videos don’t calm your inner being, though, I wouldn’t count on the Pot Pie to do it either.

Client: KFC
Project Name: KFC’s Comfort Zone: A Pot Pie – Based Meditation System
Format: Branded Content
Client Contact: George Felix, Mary Ellen Scott
Launch Date: 1/18/18
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland
Executive Creative Directors: Eric Baldwin, Jason Bagley
Creative Directors: Jarrod Higgins, Freddie Powell
Art Director: Matthew Carroll
Copywriter: Shaine Edwards
Executive Producer: Sue Kim
Producer: Eddye Borgese
Account Management: Jesse Johnson, Rob Archibald, Steve Smith, Spencer Crain
Strategy : Britton Taylor, Scott Woodhouse, Matt Hisamoto , John Dempsey
Media: Kelsey Bozanich, Anjali Patel
Director of Business Affairs: Amber Lavender
Creative Manager: Jane Monaghan
Studio Designer: Danielle McCoy
Production Company: Generic Versatility
Director / Producer / VFX artist / Animator: Nick DenBoer
AD / VFX Supervisor: Davy Force
VFX Artist / Animator: David Ariew
VFX Artist / Animator: Brian Eagan
VFX Artist / Animator: Fezz Stenton
Camera & Lighting / Editor: Tyler Grace
Camera & Lighting: Adam Buckley
Audio Tech / Sound Designer / Composer: Nate Mills
Producer: Raquel Rose
Stylist: Kate Easterbrook
Talent: Tim Beresford

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.