KFC Livestreamed 4 Hours of Cats Climbing on Colonel Sanders, and 700,000 People Tuned In

Chicken sales and cat adoption are an intoxicating mix

The Colonel and his feline friends. KFC / Edelman

By now, you’ve probably learned that KFC is that kid you grew up with who was willing to try just about anything. However quizzical some of the brand’s stunts are, the method to the seeming madness tends to work—and has clearly helped bump the QSR’s fortunes.

If you were told that KFC would put together a Colonel Sanders-inspired cat climber, then include scads of kitties on Facebook Live with Super Deluxe for four hours, your response may very well be: “Of course they would do that.” And do that they did yesterday as north of 700,000 people made their way to the puzzling, yet strangely on brand exercise.

Those who joined had an online say on what the movable Colonel would do, including determining the names of the cats that seemed surprisingly nonplussed (at least in the stretch I watched) about an animatronic man with a spinning cane and rotating head. The Colonel was admirably ad-libbed and voiced by Ron Lynch who has a delightfully quirky list of work, including the voice of Ron for Bob’s Burgers.

The significant upside, aside from selling chicken, is that the cats were adoptable through the Heaven on Earth Society of Animals in Los Angeles.

If you fancy four hours of cats, you can see the replay on the Super Deluxe Facebook Page or conveniently below.

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