KFC fixing hydrants to promote ‘fiery’ wings

Has Colonel Sanders enlisted with the Army Corps of Engineers? Last year, KFC fixed potholes in five U.S. cities in exchange for putting some "Re-Freshed by KFC" brand messaging on the street. Now, it's offering to improve fire hydrants, extinguishers and smoke alarms in towns across the nation to help promote its new "fiery" chicken wings. "Is your city feeling the heat?" asks KFC president Roger Eaton in a letter to U.S. mayors. "We invite you to tell us why we should help you extinguish the problem in your community." To kick things off, KFC has upgraded hydrants in Brazil, Ind. (above), and provided 33 new fire extinguishers and 1,000 new smoke detectors to Indianapolis. It's accepting funding requests until Jan. 28 and will announce the winning cities shortly after. It's always easy to take shots at KFC's strange promotions, but I have to say this one's pretty great. If they have to choose between helping small towns or trespassing at the United Nations, I'd rather they chose the prior. Hat tip to Eric Housh.

—Posted by David Griner