Kevin Butler Salutes PlayStation Players by Name

America's favorite VP honors in-game achievements

Kevin Butler, PlayStation's vice president of random fake departments, is taking a page from Old Spice's YouTube playbook and creating videos to salute individual gamers. The clips build off the game console's epic spot of similar tone, "To Michael." This time it's Butler singing the fans' praises, which he does with his typical top-notch delivery (and some great copyrwriting by Deutsch). The highlight so far has been Butler's suggestion that every Resistance 3 player “deserves a trophy just for not having your down-theres eaten off.” There are 19 videos planned for this campaign, which will end on Thanksgiving, and further interaction can be had on PlayStation's Hall of Play Facebook app. This is a really cool idea, and I'm glad that it's being executed well. If they decide to give old-school gamers their due, I'd like to think I deserve some recognition for actually buying a copy of Extermination. Check out a few of the player celebration spots below and after the jump.

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