Kevin Butler Quits PlayStation for Career in Flooring

'Commercials? We'll see,' he says

When there's no room to move up, it's time to look down. At the carpet. That's where Kevin Butler, the "vp of everything" at Sony PlayStation, has decided to focus his career, according to his recent Twitter announcements. "A man can only be made vp so many times," the fictional corporate spokesman writes. "KB's off to be PRESIDENT of my uncle's new upstart company." The new employer is Economy Flooring, and president he is—president of the "Shag Division," president of wood stains, president of bamboo expansion, president of planking, and president of just about everything else, according to the various business cards in his current Twitter background. He's still making references to PlayStation 3 games, so chances are good this is just a blatant attempt by Deutsch/LA to revive the buzz for their much-loved character, just as Wieden + Kennedy recently did for the Old Spice Guy. "Thanks for all the well-wishes. Yes, as president of a flooring company I'll be hiring but please no job apps yet. Commercials? We'll see," he writes. If this puts more ammo in the Kevin Butler hilarity arsenal, we're all for it.