Ketchup fans make world’s largest packet

You know the saying: If at first you succeed, do it again in a different way. Having already built its own self-proclaimed World’s Largest Ketchup Bottle, Collinsville, Ill., is at it again, attempting to create the World’s Largest Ketchup Packet. Community activists devised a stunt (disguised as a school fundraiser) to fill an eight-foot by four-foot plastic bag with Heinz ketchup (donated by the company, of course). Having raised $4,000 for the school, the town will miss being able to market their latest tourist attraction, as the packet will eventually find a home in Heinz’s hometown of Pittsburgh. (Too bad. I had already envisioned the “Catch up with the world’s largest packet” billboards.) But they get to keep the bottle/water tower. Might we suggest Collinsville team up as a sister city with Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., which has laid claim to producing the World’s Largest French Fry?

—Posted by Aaron Baar