Keep happy hour safe and fun for everyone

Chopstick Hapa Sushi in Boulder, Colo., has introduced a "Happy Hour Code of Responsibility" via local agency TDA. Three print ads illustrate the dangers of behaving badly. If you don’t dance responsibly, you risk a wardrobe malfunction. As for irresponsible flirts, well, they could end up red faced in more ways than one. (Ouch! Those slaps sting. That’s what I hear, anyway.) And, as seen here, a painful form of myopia can result from using chopsticks in a less than responsible manner. (See that full ad here.) Frankly, happy hour with a bunch of krumping horny cyclopses sounds pretty cool, so I’d avoid Hapa altogether, where they’ve got way too many rules and really know how to cut a guy’s buzz. Besides, who would trust the sushi in Boulder?

—Posted by David Gianatasio