K.C. Royals fans deal with ‘Munchkingate’

Funny item over at Deadspin today involving little people and the Kansas City Royals’ marketing department. As part of a promotion last weekend, the team welcomed Mickey Carroll, 87, billed as the “last living Munchkin” from The Wizard of Oz, to the ballpark, where he “threw a surprisingly good first pitch … and won a backpack during the fifth-inning dance-off.” But then a Deadspin reader pointed out that another elderly little person claiming to be an ex-Munchkin had been signing autographs the same day at Comic-Con in San Diego. Which set in motion Munchkingate. It turns out that the Royals either didn’t know or didn’t care that there are actually eight former Munchkins who are still with us (though only three of them are healthy enough to travel), making the promotion something of a sham, or at least not quite as exciting as advertised. It’s too bad for the Royals fans, who are not only stuck supporting the worst team in baseball but now have to wonder if Fireworks Night later this summer might involve a couple of guys at the entrance waving around some sparklers.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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