Kate Upton Attracts World’s Nastiest Creatures in New Ad

Foul-mouthed cockroach spot from Zoo York

Last we saw supermodel and Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton, she was wolfing down a 740-calorie Carl's Jr. burger packed with jalapeño peppers and 47 grams of fat. Ha! Sure she was! Will the wonders of trick photography never cease? Now she's back with another ad—again centered on her bodacious bod—that manages to make cockroaches seem even dirtier and more disgusting than they already are. The talking vermin—mascots of the Zoo York streetwear brand—take leering to a new level as they watch Upton go for a jog. The bugs' commentary (NSFW) is as gross as you'd expect. In the end, the violent-death twist isn't so much tragic as completely fitting. Adult Swim, MTV and other cable channels are refusing to air the spot, earning it the coveted "too hot for TV" label. Watch and you'll see why.