Kate Upton and Snoop Dogg’s New Hot Pockets Video Arrives Fully Baked

'You Got What I Eat' pits crust vs. meat

Two premium meats—Kate Upton and Snoop Dogg—team up for this wildly ludicrous new music video for Hot Pockets, which humorously remixes Biz Markie's 1989 hit single "Just a Friend (You Got What I Need)" as "You Got What I Eat."

Lines like "I need your hot buttery crust" and "It's my premium meats that make your lips sing a song" are mixed in with lots of marijuana references and psychedelic imagery to produce a crispy finished product that's both fake and flavorful—just like Hot Pockets.

"I love working with the Hot Pockets sandwiches team," Snoop says in a statement. "They let me do what I do and bring the funk out with their message, you know? We needed to top [previous video] 'Pocket Like It's Hot,' and this video is so dope. It's funnier, and we got the flyest girl in it with me."

"I love the premium meats and the buttery seasoned crusts of the new Hot Pockets sandwiches," adds Upton. "I'm excited to hear which side the fans pick in this IRRESISTIBLY HOT™ battle!"

She's referring to a public vote being held at hotpockets.com pitting #TeamCrust against #TeamMeat in a battle to the death over which Pocket part is preferable.

Full lyrics below.


One, two, three to the heat

Stop counting sheep,

And move your feet to the beat

I bet you're wonderin'

"Who are you?"

The baker who made new

HOT POCKETS come true

Now let me give you an introduction

To the Master Baker of this production

You know he bakes here

You know he bakes there

He be baking all day

I bake everywhere

Wanna bake with me?

Then come on in

We light up taste buds

From beginning to end

My buttery seasoning so hip

It drips

Tastes so good

Gotta lick your lips

Smell my savory garlic

but don't disturb

The garden where I grow

flavor-fantastic-al herbs

…his flavor-fantastical herbs.

YOU… YOU Got What I Eeeeaaattt!

You say you're just a baker

But you're my HOT POCKETS maker

Oh baby, YOU… YOU Got

What I Eeeeaaattt!

You got the hot buttery crust

I need your hot buttery crust

Hold up, hold up

My friend's gotta beef with you

Take a step back baker

The Butcher's coming through

I see you like the crust

well I like it too

But without my premium meats

You got nothing to chew

See I'm the Master Butcher

And I bow down to zero

Online they call me

The 8-Bit hero

I fly cross the land

So my flocks are protected

Try to come for my beef

And ya gonna get rejected

Cuz if you step to me

Ya gonna get stuck

As your head takes a buck

From pepperoni nun-chucks

He's got premium meats,

The cream of the crop

Welcome to my B.I.G.G.

Butcher's shop…..ya heaarrdd

YOU… YOU Got What I Eeeeaaattt!

You make the Steak and Cheese

That brings me to my knees

Oh baby, YOU… YOU Got What I Eeeeaaattt!

The flavor is so sweet

You know how to spice that meat

Now I know the Butcher

Likes to take credit for the show

But there's a reason that my bakery

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