Karl Lagerfeld, Rachel Bilson Make Ice Cream Fashionable

Pair craft short films for Magnum

We've seen the trashiest ice-cream ads ever made. Here's the poshest. It's a new commercial for Magnum Ice Cream directed by none other than Karl Lagerfeld and starring Rachel Bilson, formerly of The O.C. Oddly enough, it's part of a whole three-part series of short films Lagerfeld has made for Magnum (he must really like the stuff) that premiered Thursday night at the Tribeca Film Festival. This spot shows Lagerfeld model Baptiste Giabiconi directing Bilson (here called "Olivia") at a fashion shoot. But she can't get her head in the game—until she has some Magnum. It's a toss-up what's more bizarre—Lagerfeld doing ice cream commercials or seeing a model having dessert. Read a whole lot more about the campaign in our earlier story: Magnum to Host Chilly Reception.