Karateka Trailer Is Hawk-Punching Hilarity for Retro Gaming Geeks

Legacy lives on for 1980s classic

If you’re an old-school video gamer, you’ve got to love the trailer for Karateka, a modern spin on the 1980s classic. Created by geek culture guru Adam Lisagor’s Sandwich Video, the trailer features the aging sensei of the original game’s protagonist, whose fighting “was remarkable … for its time.” The spot was actually comissioned by Jordan Mechner, creator of both the first Karateka and the remake. Packed with meta humor and fan-savvy references to the iconic Apple II version (“Always punch the hawk!”), the promo clip is campy, clever and charming. The only thing missing is a nice zinger about the fact that the original game’s white hero and golden-haired princess have finally been replaced with actual Asians. Hat tip to Evan Travers for letting me know about this one. Credits after the jump.