KanJam snuffs out dying embers of the ’60s


Ad agency Cenergy has killed off the last of the 1960s spirit with a summer promotional tour dubbed "Peace, Love and KanJam." KanJam isn't a free music festival. It's a lawn game similar to Frisbee golf. It costs $39.95 and appears to include its own trash cans for quick disposal once buyers realize they've wasted their money. (The object of the game is to get the KanJam discs in the "Kans.") The tour involves some dudes tooling around, talking up the game and blasting Woodstock-era tunes from their '69 Volkswagen bus. They're called "Jambassadors," and the vehicle's been christened the "Kanabus." Leary, Hendrix, Joplin and all the other long-gone '60s icons must be rolling (some fat ones) in their graves, because KanJam's trip sounds like a colossal bummer.

—Posted by David Gianatasio