K-Fed as fry cook is insulting to fry cooks

Kfed You saw this coming. Fast-food workers are pissed off about Kevin Federline’s upcoming Super Bowl spot for Nationwide in which the cruel hand of fate lands the ex-Mr. Britney Spears in a fast-food job. “A sudden change in Federline’s career could have been depicted with him holding an unemployment benefit check,” says Annika Stensson, a rep for the National Restaurant Association, who has penned a nasty letter to Nationwide CEO Jerry Jurgensen. “It shouldn’t be necessary for a company to disrespect others to get its point across. It’s an insult to the 12.8 million restaurant workers in America. It’s a negative, unfair and inaccurate reflection. It’s not Kevin we take issue with, but the depiction of where he ends up.” That last point might be up for debate. You get the sense that if Jennifer Aniston played the role, post-Friends, people might not be so insulted.

—Posted by Tim Nudd