JWT’s Rob Quish Enlists Jon Lester for Childhood Cancer PSA

Passion project for exiting Atlanta CEO

JWT Atlanta's new campaign for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation is a passion project for outgoing CEO Rob Quish, whose 19-year-old son Will was diagnosed with cancer at age 11. Will is cancer-free now and a freshman at Boston College. But the experience inspired Quish to join the PCRF's board, and now his agency has created a TV spot and a Facebook page to raise money for the organization. Central to the pro-bono campaign is Boston Red Sox pitcher—and cancer survivor—Jon Lester. The TV ad, directed by Picture Park's John Huet and shot at Fenway Park last September, uses the enormity of the stadium's towering left-field wall to illustrate the prevalence of childhood cancer. At one point, the wall appears covered with white baseballs. "Each ball represents a child diagnosed with cancer—over 125,000 in the last decade," Lester explains, before firing a ball of his own to break down the wall. It's a powerful image. The white balls, which are embossed with the letters NVRQT, short for "never quit," also appear on the Facebook page as a mechanism for soliciting donations. Other shops that worked on the campaign include special-effects house Hydraulx and media agency Mindshare. Quish and Lester (above) unveiled the effort at a Fenway Park press conference this week.