JWT Pressing the Barbecued Flesh at SXSW

JWT wants to satisfy your cravings for saucy cow and pig flesh at SXSW Interactive this year. To do so, the agency will be hauling tangy, basted animal carcasses (from Texas favorite Salt Lick) all around Austin in two special trucks—and showering free barbecued meat on the masses. You can even requisition the trucks for a special delivery by appealing to @jwtbbq on Twitter. The Web site, JWTbbq.com, has a "Truck Finder" Bing map to locate the trucks and a "Threat Meat-er" that lets you know when they're running low on BBQ. To get your mouth watering, watch the ultraviolent animation below—in which pigs and cows slice and dice each other in inventive ways, all for your gustatory pleasure.