Justin Bieber Spoofs His Own Calvin Klein Ads in Promo for Comedy Central Roast

Funny, sad or both?

Justin Bieber is officially eating his own tail.

To promote his upcoming roast on Comedy Central slash desperate plea for respect, Canada's cruel revenge on America participates in a parody of his much-buzzed about, possibly-but-he-swears-it-totally-wasn't-Photoshopped Calvin Klein ads.

Jeff Ross dresses as model Lara Stone and does a good job of creeping hard on Bieber, who keeps playing the same drum fill over and over, like the greasy pop machine he is, posing as the real boy he seems to be.

It's not as funny as Kate McKinnon's SNL parody, but Bieber gets points for self-deprecation. And while he doesn't really have to do anything special to be comical, he does up the ante a little, pretending to be anxious, rebuffing Ross's grabs, and ultimately returning the favor.

The brief high point, though, might be the comedian's jiggly beer-belly dance. Overall, the video makes for a pretty good teaser … or at least, a reminder that there might be some entertainment value in watching Bieber get chewed out.

And while it's impossible not to wonder what Martha Stewart, Shaq and Snoop Dogg might have to say to Bieber, it can't be a good sign—if not surprising—that Seth Rogen seems to have something better to do that night.