Just can’t get enough Anna Nicole Smith?

This might be the month’s most unlikely statistical factoid: 8 percent of adults believe the death of Anna Nicole Smith didn’t get as much media coverage as it deserved. So we learn, anyhow, from a survey by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press. A high-minded 61 percent thought it got too much coverage. Be that as it may, the story had an avid audience in the week it broke, with a distinctly female skew. Among women age 18-49, 18 percent identified the Smith saga as the news story they followed most closely that week. Just half as many men in this age bracket said the same. The gap was even wider among people age 50 and older, with 13 percent of the women and 2 percent of men the saying this was the news story they followed most closely.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver