Just been fired? Good time to clean a beach

Using a clumsy mortician to promote cleaner beaches might seem gravely odd, but I kind of dig this Surfrider PSA from Young & Rubicam in Paris (and director Kristoffer Borgli). Our hapless hero works—exceedingly poorly—in a funeral parlor, where his transgressions include dropping an urn in a plume of ashes and painting a corpse’s face to make him look like a cross between a mime and a hooker (as if there were any real difference between the two). He also drops the insides of a sandwich into a casket. At least he doesn’t pluck the food out of a dead body and continuing eating, like a certain Boost Mobile coroner did a couple of years ago. After being fired, the klutzy creamator chances upon a Surfrider beach cleanup, where he meets other incompetents—a surgeon, cop, soccer player and chef—who for some reason are still wearing their work clothes after being sacked. The moral of the story: “Picking up trash is something anyone can do.” True, but even compared to toiling in a mortuary, it’s a dead-end job.

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